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hettler.tüllmann, Rattan Chair



Rattan – with a new twist. The versatility of Rattan allows for both structural strength and organic freedom. The material can be given shape, but the material can also prove to be its own guide. Rattan’s warm, light nature, its high stability but especially it’s quality as a sustainable resource makes it attractive for us to use in a variety of design approaches. hettler.tüllmann is the collaboration between designer Katja Hettler and architect Jula Tüllmann. After many years working abroad in Paris and New York they returned to Berlin and founded hettler.tüllmann in 2005 and the label redmaloo – accessories for electronic devices in 2006. Their work focuses on furniture, accessory, and interior design, always integrating sustainable material and traditional craftsmanship. hettler.tüllmann looks for an idea behind each product, be it functional or emotional. hettler.tüllmann’s concept is to be minimal, traditional, and modern all at the same time, taking natural materials and reintroducing them into modern life.



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    85.0 x 85.0 x 78.0 cm (33.5 x 33.5 x 30.7 in)

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