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Gjertrud Hals

White Night

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White Night is a web-like hanging sculpture made of metal wire and cotton fiber, all handmade, by the pioneering Norwegian textile artist, Gjertrud Hals. The title refers to the time the Norwegian summer solstice in June, when the sunsets are late, the sunrises are early and the darkness is never complete, the twilight lasting all night. White Night is typical of Hals’ artistic vocabulary. Like small microcosmes, inspired by mythological story-telling and children’s worlds, Gjertrud Hals’ works seem to possess their own laws and logics, moving somewhere between delicate neatness and unrestrained inspiration. In the words of the artist, they propose a reflection “...on the relationship between nature and culture, in which the lives of modern humans are moving between chaos and order. Forces of nature and war create chaos, after which a new order is elaborated, always both the same and a little bit different than the previous.“

Gjertrud Hals


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    Metal wire, Paper Pulp

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    200.0 x 0.0 x 200.0 cm (78.7 x 0.0 x 78.7 in)

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