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Germans Ermičs

Pele de Tigre (Signature Object)

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Previously shown at Basel 2021 for $13,000.00.

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In Germans Ermičs’ cylindrical object, Pele de Tigre (Signature Object), three-dimensional marble veins burst through the surface. Inspired by the natural erosion of the material, Ermičs has been developing a new processing method to enhance the unique pattern of the stone. Instead of forcing a preconceived image onto the marble, Ermičs works with the stone’s own texture, uncovering its wild, organic beauty and liberating it from centuries of domesticated polishing in the fields of art and architecture.

Exquisitely made by hand from different stones, such as marble, basalt and travertine, or various woods, including oak, walnut and ash, the Signature Objects convey a high level of craftsmanship, while each obeying the same dimensions and cylindrical form. The defining differences between each object resides in their specific materiality and technique. What is left is a sign of its creator, his signature. Scattered throughout the exhibition, they look like… fragments of columns brought from the ruins of seven temples from seven continents. Each of them telling its own story, each of them keeping traces of the craftsmen, who once created them, in the words of Boris Berlin.
The function of the Signature Objects is left open, and they can be used as both side tables or as pure sculptural elements.

Pele de Tigre marble.

Germans Ermičs


Germans Ermičs wields light, space, and color to catalyze a shift in how we perceive objects. For the past few years, he has crafted refined and ethereal pieces of glass furniture. Because of the utilitarian functions of glass, we rarely pay it any mind, as we encounter it daily. But in Ermičs’s designs, glass becomes the stage for exquisite color treatments: It can be soft and frosted to blur the edges of form; ombré, to gently draw your eye across the surface; or mirrored, to reflect and manipulate the space you occupy.

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    50.0 x x 35.0 cm (19.7 x x 13.8 in)

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