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This object listing has been archived.

Previously exhibited at Miami 2021.

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Swami’s work is deeply informed by the natural characteristics of the Earth. From its surface down to its deeper stratus, she mimics the parched, cracked, and fractured textures found in nature. The particularity of her work results from the convergence of time-honored techniques from different parts of the world that have inspired the artist; the cobalt blue or celadon-green glazes reveal deep layers of nuanced colors and the simple shapes of her works are reminiscent of Asian and Hellenistic ceramics dating back to the ancient dynasties. To create her unique finish, Swami burnishes each piece with an agate stone, they are then bisque-fired, smoked, waxed, then re-worked often with Urushi lacquer and pure gold in the traditional Japanese Kintsugi technique.

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    x 29.0 x 24.5 cm ( x 11.4 x 9.6 in)

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