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Study O Portable

Fuzz Side Table (Aluminium > Bronze/Copper)


“The latest addition to the Fuzz series that developed from the designers interest in how a tool can be translated into an object, utilising a ‘void’ as the main tool of production. Each work is created by building up thin layers of coloured Jesmonite (a composite material that combines natural raw materials with water-based resin) over a rotating wax mould.
The rigid geometric shape of the mould starts blurring, or ‘fuzzing’ – as the layers are hand brushed – and evolve into an organic roughness.
When cut open, the resulting object shows the evolution of the ‘process of becoming’ and presents itself as a three-dimensional painting of a void.”

Study O Portable


  • Date/


  • Color/

    Brown, Silver

  • Edition/


  • Material/

    Aluminum, Bronze, Copper

  • Dimension/

    35.0 x 40.0 x 35.0 cm (13.8 x 15.7 x 13.8 in)

  • Style/

    Contemporary, Handcrafted

  • Heritage/

    United Kingdom

  • Ships from/

    United Kingdom

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