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Previously exhibited at Shanghai 2021.

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The Friction table is the result of research by Heatherwick Studio into the way furniture can adapt to different spaces and needs. In 2004, the studio had an idea for a carpet that could dramatically change its proportions through the use of a pivot mechanism. Seeing the prototype gave the studio the idea for an expanding table as the ultimate expression of the idea.
摩擦伸缩桌是赫斯维克工作室对于家具回应不同空间和需求方式的研究成果。工作室在2004 年萌生出一个想法,通过使用枢轴机制显著改变地毯的比例。样本模型生产出之后,工作室在这一想法基础上进行扩展,最终以桌子的形式进行表达。

The design combines precision manufacturing with soulful materiality. Produced in collaboration with a team of makers using techniques developed in robotics and aerospace, as well as traditional expert handcrafting processes, it can transform from a smooth circle of 1.8 metres in diameter, able to seat eight, into an ellipse over 4 metres long.
该设计将精密制造与充满灵动性的材料相结合,与众多模型师利用机器人和航空航天领域发展出的技术,以及传统的专业手工艺合作打造,使其可以从直径 1.8 米、可容纳 8 人的光滑圆桌,转变为超过 4 米长的椭圆型桌子。

The 45 slats that form the table top are individually machined in two parts. 193 pivot points are precisely placed and pinned together by hand and calibrated to ensure it is perfectly level, balanced and can achieve a smooth opening movement. The table is made from aerospace grade polished aluminium and clad in a leather by Bill Amberg Studio.
构成桌面的 45 个板条由两部分单独加工而成;193 个枢轴点由手工精确放置并固定在一起,经过校准以确保其完美水平且平衡,拉开过程顺畅。桌子由航空级抛光铝制成,包覆Bill Amberg Studio皮革。

Each table is from an edition of 12 which are signed in numbers by Thomas Heatherwick.

Thomas Heatherwick


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  • Material/

    Aluminum, Leather

  • Dimension/

    180.0 x 72.0 x 180.0 cm (70.9 x 28.3 x 70.9 in)

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    London, UK

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