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Gianluca Pacchioni

Fossil Screen II



“Gianluca Pacchioni, a Milan-based artist, acclaimed for his rigorously sculpted metal objects, began forging metal as a self-taught apprentice in a studio shared with other artists at Quai de la Gare in Paris. After his first exhibition, the Cologni Foundation awarded Pacchioni a Master in Fine Arts & Crafts, an honor that recognizes the most skilled artisans in Italy. Pacchioni’s team fuses his methods with traditional techniques to manipulate metal in new ways. His work has matured into a virtuous fusion of brass, bronze, iron, stones layered with different patinas, and poured liquid metals.

These monumental bronze panels are hand-crafted using painstaking techniques that translate the most minute details. A part of the Tropical Fossil series, each panel features unique bas-relief elements formed from leaves and plants grown in the courtyard of Pacchioni’s studio. ‘You have the sensation that the plants are floating in a bath of gold mud, while the other side is blank and smooth, focused on the classification of patinas,’ Pacchioni says. ‘There are two souls in every panel.’”

Gianluca Pacchioni


developed a passion for metal work in the 1990s while frequenting the artistic scene in Paris. An autodidact, he returned to Milan and perfected his skills working with Italian craftsmen. Forging steel himself in his workshop, he began working with bronze, brass and aluminium to create limited edition sculptures and furniture. Constantly experimenting, his innovations involve liquid metals and patinas. The pieces he creates show the contrast between raw materials – metal of course, but also stone or concrete – and the resulting beauty that is born from the artist’s skill and sensitivity. Likewise, light plays a fundamental role in his works. It amplifies the forms of expression, making them both visible and uncertain. The sculpture reveals the inner self.

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    9.0 x 300.0 x 200.0 cm (3.5 x 118.1 x 78.7 in)

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    New York, NY

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