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Marcin Rusak

Flora Low Coffee Table 218


“An organic shape of translucent black resin in which real flowers are carefully submerged, rests on a steel base which has a corresponding, irregular outline. Finished in black powder-coat and polished resin.
The surface has a painterly quality and is reminiscent of a dark pond or Flemish painting, with large leaves sitting just below the water’s surface, mesmerising in silvery tones of colour and form.”

Materials: “Flowers and Leaves Infused in Black Resin Steel base”

Marcin Rusak


Marcin Rusak was born in 1987 in Warsaw, Poland. He holds undergraduate degrees in humanities from the University of Warsaw and in art from the Eindhoven Design Academy in the Netherlands, as well as an MA in Design Products from London’s Royal College of Arts. He currently works out of London and Warsaw.With an experimental practice that merges contemporary art and design, Rusak draws inspiration from theoretical research and philosophical inquiry as well as from explorations of material processes in the studio. Influenced by his family lineage as a third generation descendant of flower growers after his father and grandfather, he has developed signature techniques using plant flora as a striking decorative element within his work, preserving flowers and leaves in resin which are fused seamlessly into his thoughtful modern pieces. Each piece is unique, conserving the ephemeral shades and textures of petals and leaves, which float suspended in beautiful contrast with the smooth white, black or clear resin encasing them. Rusak is also adept at creating minimal designs in metal, carving materials to their bare elements to create elegant, rugged forms. In addition to his exquisite design furniture, Rusak produces artworks on silk using colorful flower pigmentation, resulting in simple and delicate pieces marked by bright natural abstract formations.

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    Resin, Steel

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    218.4 x 38.0 x 118.4 cm (86.0 x 15.0 x 46.6 in)

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