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Danful Yang

Fake Chair

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Born in 1980, the young Chinese designer Danful Yang reinvents traditional Chinese art and craft techniques using modern Western materials to create playful and visually dynamic works. Her iconic ‘Fake’ armchair is an over-the-top hybrid chair that is an amalgamation of Chinese and western Rococo styles upholstered with fake designer handbags. The creative work is a cross-cultural bombardment of visual stimuli, turning imitation into originality and reflecting the onslaught of a globalised consumer culture. Although she is not formally trained in design, she has worked closely with the internationally renowned designers including Martin Szekely, André Dubreuil, Jurgen Bey, Mattia Bonetti, and Maarten Baas as well as skilled craftsmen, who have contributed to her design education. The designer’s works have been collected by the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Craig Robins (part-owner of Design Miami), and Billie Weisman (The Fredrick R. Weisman Art Foundation).

Danful Yang

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    2021-10-15 20:10:00

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    Replica bags and fabric upholstery with Elmwood frame

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    67.0 x 73.0 x 96.0 cm (26.4 x 28.7 x 37.8 in)

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