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Eske Rex

Eske Rex Divided Self 12

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Previously shown at Basel 2021 for $13,000.00.

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Enigmatic and visually arresting, ‘Eske Rex’ “Divided Self 12″ is made of hand-sculpted oak forms and strings, stretched by magnetic attraction. The solid forms float in space, separated by a thin slice of air, creating an intense field of tension where gravity seems suspended. The opposite halves are constantly striving towards each other, rotating each other, without ever touching. Rex’ works are carried both by a conceptual idea, materials and craftsmanship. They examine the effects of force caused by tension between materials and space, in which they are overextended, stretched, split and placed on the verge of collapse.

Eske Rex


Copenhagen-based designer Eske Rex came to fame with the invention of his ‘drawing machine,’ an elaborate construction powered by weights and pendulums that produces spirograph drawings from ink. Drawing on a Renaissance-age technique, Rex uses this pendulum-controlled drawing device, which is likened to the geometric image production of the 19th-century mechanical apparatus, the harmonograph. Rex investigates the idea of the machine as a sculpture and installation; his pyramidal room-sized drawing structures stand nine feet in height, and in the center of each, a weighted pendulum waits to be powered by hand (an element that prohibits any two drawings to be exactly alike.)

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    3.0 x 31.0 x 19.0 cm (1.2 x 12.2 x 7.5 in)

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