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Previously exhibited at Miami 2021 for $25,000.00.

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Emotions flow through all the living entity all the time, regulating everything, including the thoughts and world around. There is a sense of hardness and softness attached to the emotions as two extremes of the entire spectrum. The installation tries to capture the essence of the present time through the impact of the intangible aspects of emotions on hard objects such as rocks. It depicts the current time shaping our thoughts.. Much like the process of erosion by natural forces such as wind or water. It has also enabled many people to take the time to evaluate their relationship with the world, people, themselves, and what is important. It enables people to take new perspectives on life that focus on meaning and experiences over materials. The collective experience has led to some people becoming more caring, compassionate, empathetic, and interested in the welfare of others. This also extends to behavioral acts of kindness, thoughtfulness, and generosity. The pebble form in the installation is a depiction of our evolved thoughts and perspective. The hard rocks are almost melting and flowing due to experiencing strong emotions. The Reflective surface in the seating represents the self-introspection that takes place during the process.

  • Color/

    Blue, White

  • Exclusive/


  • Material/

    Plastic, Wood

  • Dimension/

    45.0 x 46.0 x 180.0 cm (17.7 x 18.1 x 70.9 in)

  • Style/


  • Heritage/


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