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Dara Schaefer

Dara Schaefer

Ellipsoid Light

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Inspired by the awe we feel witnessing the sun rise and set, the Ellisoid light is the result of the artist’s longstanding exploration of light and space. It encapsulates the experience of illumination into a sensuous object. The Ellipsoid Light was hand formed in clay, glazed with a matte white exterior and a bright glossy red interior. There is an LED light hidden in the base which illuminates the colored interior.

Dara Schaefer


Dara Schaefer is an architect-trained artist working primarily in object-based design. She received her B. Arch from The Cooper Union and has studios in both New York City and the Hudson Valley. After over a decade of practicing architecture, she delved deeply into the world of ceramics. Inspired by architects like Zaha Hadid, she began to explore parametric design in ceramics and then applied similar design methodologies to other materials like resin, bronze and aluminum. She employs mathematical algorithms—typically used in digital animation—to create fluid forms and surface textures. Each design is realized through a myriad of analog and digital technologies. Within her explorations of the structural limits of ceramics and newer materials she hopes to elevate the powerful effects light, form and hue can have on our intimate experience with everyday objects.

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    6.0 x 11.0 x 22.0 cm (2.4 x 4.3 x 8.7 in)

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