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In the Chinese language, the word ‘East’ represents the meaning of ‘oriental’. Frequently as it shapes the concept of a ‘Thing’. (meaning ‘East and West’) The design of using seal characters in ancient Chinese language to represent ‘East’ reveals the characteristics of the pictographic characters. The pictograph symbolizes ‘a filled sack with a rope tied from the two endpoints’. Using modular design techniques, the artwork used the bending process by solid wood and integrates mortise and tenon joints with it, creating the symbol of ‘East’ in ancient times. The design came from an oriental background, and produced using a western way of design, allowing it to be true incorporation of ‘East and West Thing’.

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    Oak, Wood

  • Dimension/

    54.0 x 172.0 x 62.0 cm (21.3 x 67.7 x 24.4 in)

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    YunQi Town Qiangjiang Block 12-3-501 Xihu District,Hangzhou,China

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