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Eddy Sykes

Diving Board



Hand carved in Carrera white marble by stone masons in Mexico City, Eddy Sake’s Diving Board is a hallmark of the designer’s unique, unexpected objects that imbue playfulness with archetypal forms. Turning the iconic pool diving board into a marble sculpture that also doubles as a console table or bench, the piece unearths the history of industrial manufacturing and design that is part of a broader history of the culture of leisure and days by the pool.


Eddy Sykes


Eddy Sykes is an American designer born in 1970 in Detroit, Michigan. He attended the Lawrence Institute of Technology, School of Architecture from 1992 to 1997. He created Eddy Studio in the early 2000s it is a one-man design practice hopping between Los Angeles and Mexico City. The extremely limited output is the hallmark of his studio as all pieces are made one at a time from start to finish by him. His so-called ‘Vaudeville/Skunkworks’ aesthetic is a unique mix of influences thanks to Eddy’s childhood working in a small family run circus founded by his father in the late ’60s combined with his early professional work designing for nuclear and military industries. Eddy masqueraded as an architect/ engineer for a while and gradually built up a small following of clientele.

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    50.8 x 203.2 x cm (20.0 x 80.0 x in)

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