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Ditte Hammerstrøm

Bronze Chair

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The theme of repetition is prevalent in Ditte Hammerstrøm’s body of work, where benches, boxes and stools multiply and make new forms together. The concentration on pattern and rhythm becomes evident in her work ‘Out of Focus’ (2014). Here, several archetypical chairs are blending into one, creating an optical illusion of blurriness that makes it difficult to determine where one chair begins and the next one ends. Besides the sculptural richness of the work, ‘Out of Focus’ can be seen as a metaphor for the alternative perspective proposed by Ditte Hammerstrøm. On what do we focus? How and why? When we gaze at a star in the sky, it disappears, but by changing our eye direction a bit, looking beside or next to it, it reappears. Ditte Hammerstrøm’s design is conceptually strong, and her approach to design has often been likened to that of an anthropologist. Furniture tends to be grouped in homes through their specific function, she says. The easy chair finds the floor lamp, the sofa finds the coffee table, and the dining table the dining chairs. Ditte Hammerstrøm questions these automatic gatherings by deconstructing them and allowing similar types of furniture to group and form new patterns instead.

Ditte Hammerstrøm


Born in 1971, Ditte Hammerstrøm lives and works in Copenhagen. Ever since her graduation from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design in 1999 as well as the Danish School of Design in 2000, Ditte Hammerstrøm has been introducing an artistic approach to design, challenging the traditional design field. Her attention to detail and storytelling with a feminine flavor has often been noticed and with the words of Mette Stroemgaard Dalby, the former director of Trapholt Museum: “The feminine decorations and colors are repeated in several of Ditte Hammerstrøm’s pieces of furniture and help mark the fact that a generation of younger female have taken the lead with vengeance. Without tending towards too many clichés the women’s entry on the Danish design scene has created a new departure with regards to decoration.” Color and textile play large roles in Hammerstrøm’s work—chairs are padded with overstuffed quilting, chair legs get bound in neon cords, tiny light bulbs outline white down duvets, and otherwise severe wooden furniture is embellished with gold filigree. Considered as an important pioneer of the renewal of the Nordic design scene, Hammerstrøm has establied her own design studio in Copenhagen since 2000. Hammerstrøm has received several prestigious prizes such as the “Walk The Plank Award” in 2008 and the “Finn Juhl Architecture Prize” in 2011. Her work has been exhibited in major design exhibitions around the world, and is part of important private and public collections such as Designmuseum Danmark and the Trapholt Museum.

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    100.0 x 54.0 x 49.0 cm (39.4 x 21.3 x 19.3 in)

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