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Diego Giacometti


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The animal world is, for Diego Giacometti, a source of artistic resources in which he can find harmony and tenderness. This sculpture of an ostrich is a perfect example of his love and admiration for animals. L'Autruche was first designed for his friend, Dr. Jean Paul Binet who had acquired several ostrich eggs. Binet asked Marc Chagall, Joan Miro and Diego Giacometti to decorate them. While Chagall and Miro painted directly on the objects, Giacometti recreated the egg the ostrich itself, with its long and thin neck and legs. The shape he gave to the bird, coming from his endless imagination, is very modern and sophisticated. The light structure of the animal emphasizes the movement suggested by the left leg slightly rising from the bronze base. Diego used his manual deftness and creative ability to produce a sculpture that became one of his most famous masterpieces.

Diego Giacometti


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    Patinated bronze and ostrich egg

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    0.0 x 47.3 x 0.0 cm (0.0 x 18.6 x 0.0 in)

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