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lagranja design

Dice Chair #2 by lagranja design



The ‘Dice’ chairs are pure poetry, they represent the play and freedom of creation. A collection made up of two unique chairs constructed from a tubular metal structure with a covering of 3,527 die, each measuring 16x16mm.

Lagranja design

Founded in 2002, lagranja is a multidisciplinary design firm whose talents are chiefly focused on the creation of interiors and products.

Design at lagranja has always been about ideas and strategies, never about trends. “We won’t sit at the table with a pre-determined list of what we should or shouldn’t do. We believe that every project is unique and has to be approached in a different way. We try to understand the context, we ask ourselves and our client a lot of questions, we strategize, we look for the right tools and the right team. And we let things come out of that.”

lagranja design


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    40.0 x 84.0 x 48.0 cm (15.7 x 33.1 x 18.9 in)

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