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Daniel Valero

Joshua Totem 02

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Previously shown at Basel 2021 for $7,500.00.

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Joshua Totems tapestries belong to the Textile Fauna series by the Mexican design Studio Mestiz, an ensemble of tapestries that express the richness & variety of the local landscape. Focusing on the arrangement of color and space, these pieces seek to liberate contained forms creating a balanced yet unique composition. The collection seeks new possibilities for traditional textile techniques, developed by a new generation of craftspeople that are exploring new possibilities in form, texture, color, and more importantly with a desire to participate in the evolution of textile craftsmanship.

Mestiz arises from the joint collaboration of the architect and designer Daniel Valero and master craftspeople from different regions in Mexico. Mestiz aims is to develop innovative designs using the region’s artisan traditions and techniques.

Each piece is unique and developed through the exploration of color and composition, drawn by Valero and later reinterpreted in the loom.

Daniel Valero


Daniel Valero (b. 1988) is a Mexican architect and designer with studies in Mexico, Finland and France. Daniel founded Mestiz in 2015 with the desire to create stimulating pieces with a strong regional identity. His work is an examination of the symbiotic collaboration between designer and craftsman— diffusing the line between both disciplines He has been recognized with the National Furniture Award in 2014 and with the National Schorlarship for Apply Arts in 2016 to study the specialty of Textile Design at the École supérieure des Arts décoratifs in Paris. Mestiz emerge from the mix of industrial and craftsmanship techniques with the aim to develop stimulating pieces with a theoretical background. We seek to spread traditional craftsmanship and local talent into a contemporary lifestyle for it’s recovery and evolution. BOUQUET RUG COLLECTION - As an echo to Mexico’s diversity, we decided to create a rug collection that express the richness & variety of the Mexican Landscape. Mexican territory is a mix of mountains, rivers, seas, deserts and forests a merge of colors and aromas, all these elements wrapped as a flower bouquet. To developed this unique collection we worked with Rubén Tamayo one of the best craftsmen in the north of Mexico, we decide to merge three different materials, cotton, wool and metallic yarn in one piece using different colors for each form created by these materials. To unify the pieces we developed a texture created by three tones , generating vibration of lights and shadows in each color.

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    230.0 x x 188.0 cm (90.6 x x 74.0 in)

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    Los Angeles

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