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Curtis Fontaine

Curtis Fontaine Untitled Vessel #2


Curtis Fontaine’s abstract ceramic sculptures are created through a unique process of hand building that relies as much on intuition as structural aptitude. Years apprenticing under American ceramic artist Toshiko Takaezu helped Fontaine develop a keen sense of form and technique. The genesis of Fontaine’s abstract sculptures can be seen in Takaezu’s “closed form” vessels, though, whereas Takaezu used a traditional method of throwing a pot on a wheel, Fontaine’s process involves coil building, allowing each work to emerge and evolve without the symmetrical restraint that the wheel dictates.

Ceramic with glaze

Curtis Fontaine


  • Material/


  • Dimension/

    45.7 x 43.2 x 53.3 cm (18.0 x 17.0 x 21.0 in)

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    New York

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