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Haas Brothers

Croc Cousteau

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Previously exhibited at Miami 2022.

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Croc Cousteau is inspired by the anime movie, Luca. The gay feature of this movie is hidden in the plot and the moment of realization is so stunning that it breeds the conversation about the nature of humanity with Haas’s son. Haas is deeply touched by the anti-discrimination and acceptance cores delivered by the movie, escalating him to draw sea creatures — more specifically “monsters.” But in the world created by the Haas Brothers, alligators, sneaks, and piranhas are not villains anymore.

Haas Brothers


Since founding The Haas Brothers in 2010, twin brothers Nikolai and Simon (b.1984; Austin, TX) have spurned arbitrary artistic boundaries and hierarchies, creating a playful and provocative world that merges art, fashion, film, music, and design. Their work explores aesthetic themes related to nature, science fiction, sexuality, and psychedelia in materials that range from brass, porcelain, and fur, to highly technical resins and polyurethane.

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    248.9 x 5.1 x 248.9 cm (98.0 x 2.0 x 98.0 in)

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    United States

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