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Anders Hamilton for BKLYN CLAY Made, BKLYN CLAY Made

Crater Cup

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Previously exhibited at Miami 2021 for $125.00.

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Designed and made by BKLYN CLAY’S Anders Hamilton. Slipcast stoneware cups are sprayed with contrasting colors to create the illusion of light and shadow. Inspired by moon craters, they capture something otherworldly, depending on the angle they appear to absorb, reflect, or generate light. Named after moon craters.
Made in Brooklyn. Sold in editions.

Anders Hamilton for BKLYN CLAY Made


Anders Hamilton is a Brooklyn based artist. He is one of the Studio Managers at BKLYN CLAY and a designer and fabricator at BKLYN CLAY Made. His primary addition to the Made line is the Crater Cup which is one iteration of his pursuit to create utilitarian objects that also act as sculpture. Spray finishes are his go to application for glazing, a process he was first introduced to at his grandfather’s auto body shop.



The BKLYN CLAY Made Bong/Vase project was developed with artists including: Adams Puryear, Anders Hamilton, Soleil Carlos, Michelle Im, Christian Moses, Sarah Allwine, Gustav Hamilton, and Dean Roper.

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  • Material/

    Glaze, Stoneware

  • Dimension/

    10.2 x 8.3 x 10.2 cm (4.0 x 3.3 x 4.0 in)

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