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Cecilie Bendixen


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Sun Disc (2021) is Cecilie Bendixen's latest sound-absorbing work. The circular textile sculpture is a continuation of Bendixen’s PhD research on sound absorbing textile sculptures. Instead of using prefabricated textile for the surface of the Sun Disc, the textile is ‘woven' in situ - woven on the spot, reflecting light and patterns in various ways. By ‘weaving’ on a circular frame, Bendixen explores the infinite geometric possibilities of crossing threads. "I am often inspired by materials. Maybe it is the tactility or an aesthetic quality that reminds me of something beautiful. Or it can be a unique technical feature; for instance, if the material can be bent or fixed in a certain way, if it is biodegradable or if it is unusually good at absorbing sound. Every component is important and all the different features should support the overall function as well as the aesthetics of the work in order to make these two aspects inseparable".

Cecilie Bendixen


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    plywood frame, Polyester thread

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    120.0 x 0.0 x 4.0 cm (47.2 x 0.0 x 1.6 in)

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