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Cabinet Blanc

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Created throughout 2020 and completed in 2021, Le Mounier’s Blanc Collection was an effort to counter the relative isolation of his studio throughout France’s lockdown. The airy, buoyant works channel an escapist vision of sandy beaches and blue skies. What will, no doubt, be remembered as a dark period in history provided a unique breakthrough for Le Mounier. Cased in a textural combination of quartz and mica, the subtle sparkle of his unique grainy surface material has a combed pattern that compliments the smooth satiny surface of the straw marquetry “fish scale” pattern.
The precise technique of straw marquetry, using flattened slivers of natural cured straw, became popular around the time of Louis XV and again during the 1930’s when art deco designers used straw to cover everything from decorative objects and furniture to walls, ceilings, and entire rooms.

While each piece in the Blanc collection is decidedly modern, the rounded legs and arms, stepped symmetrical composition, and the intricate marquetry give this fresh contemporary group a subtle nod to Art Deco design.

Le Mounier lives and works in Brittany (North-West of France). He spent much of his childhood in his grandfather’s carpentry workshop where he would craft tiny pieces of furniture with the tools and materials he could find there. Fascinated with wood, he started his training as a cabinetmaker in 1995. In 2003, Le Mounier opened his own workshop where he could express his passion and explore the many possibilities of crafting unique furniture design.

Polished White Bronze.

  • Color/

    Blue, White

  • Exclusive/


  • Material/

    Bronze, Quartz

  • Dimension/

    51.0 x 80.0 x 221.0 cm (20.1 x 31.5 x 87.0 in)

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  • Heritage/


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    New York

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