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Valentin Loellmann

Bridge Stairs


“To Valentin Loellmann, a staircase is a tool, a path, a form, a functional, an aesthetic and even a symbolic piece. It’s the most interesting way of combining two points in space, thus he created his staircases so that they could move from space to space, leading anywhere, unattached to a wall structure.

Loellmann’s designs are organic forms, inspired by nature and reminiscent of Salvador Dalí paintings or Antoni Gaudí’s architecture. Through his zeal for craftsmanship, he has developed a restrained yet fanciful sculptural approach that results in enduring works of art built for everyday use.”

Materials: Charred Oak and Copper.

Valentin Loellmann


"Born in 1983 in Germany, Valentin Loellmann was influenced early on by his ceramic artist father and a bucolic rural upbringing growing vegetables and rearing horses. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht, Netherlands in 2010 and founded StudioValentinLoellmann, his Maastricht workshop, in 2015. His beguiling handcrafted pieces, fashioned from darkened woods bracketed with polished and patinated metal, conjure an atmosphere of refined enchantment composed of sinuous curves and expertly handled materials.

Loellmann’s thoughtful design approach is evident in the smallest details of his creations, from smooth finished edges and harmonious wood and metal construction, to the coloration and texture of his surfaces. Guided by his attunement to a piece’s integration within its spatial environment, his designs are rooted in a holistic understanding of the influence of sensory stimuli on the emotions and the subconscious. Through his zeal for craftsmanship, Loellmann has developed a restrained yet fanciful sculptural approach that results in enduring works of art built for everyday use. The subdued contours of his organic modern seating, tables, and cabinets carved from charred oak, fumed walnut, brass, and copper evoke the austere

simplicity of natural landscapes and handicraft traditions elevated through high end design. Loellmann’s concepts also extend to decorative sculptures of carved wood ladders and staircases with polished stainless steel siding, quietly impactful works that indicate his contemplative view of the relationships between interior elements.

His work has been shown at Art Basel, Collective Design Fair (New York), and PAD Paris/London. He was awarded PAD London’s Best Contemporary Design Piece in 2013 and 2017. In addition to crafting his signature design pieces, Loellmann also works on interior design commissions for select private clients.


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    Black, Brown

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  • Material/

    Copper, Oak

  • Dimension/

    42.0 x 46.0 x 350.0 cm (16.5 x 18.1 x 137.8 in)

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