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Etienne Moyat’s


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Wall decorative panel in wood
H 300 W 400 cm
H 118.1 W 157.4 in

The Balancement panel symbolizes movement and balance. Two large curves meet, creating a disturbance and eventually reaching balance.

Etienne Moyat’s


work reflects his respect and love of nature. Trained as a cabinetmaker, his first creations were turned wood pieces which brought him recognition and enabled him to create increasingly larger pieces. Unique and monumental, they are intended for high-end projects, private homes, hotels and yachts. Moyat works with tree trunks: he carves, burns, brushes and ​varnishes the wood; paying it tribute as a living material, a vector of emotion and experience. He tells a story as he reveals the essence of each ​wood. Paradoxically, his use of the chainsaw as his preferred tool allows for a free and instinctive ​stroke. ​His work, intimately linked to time and movement, fills space with flowing lines of energy.

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  • Dimension/

    82.0 x 121.0 x 312.0 cm (32.3 x 47.6 x 122.8 in)

  • Style/

    Contemporary Ceramics

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