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Louis Bressolles

Azure Puzzle Stool

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The structure of Azure is made from tree branches collected during walks in the forests of the Ariege, then assembled in an intuitive way. The whole of this structure was then frozen with strips of plaster. The seat is made from scraps of plexiglass thermoformed on the structure. The assembly of the seat is a puzzle because the scraps are of different sizes and shapes.


Materials: wood, plexiglass, plaster.

Louis Bressolles


Louis Bressolles is a French designer based in Toulouse, France. As an artist and designer, Bressolles has developed a personal and singular approach, inspired by lived experience. Bressolles exploits materials, particularly plastic, to new formal and technical potential, give new life to re-used plastics, such as his recent “Gainage” Collection, created with discarded swimming pool equipment. Bressolles is also a founding member of Hebi Atelier, alongside a glass artisan and an industrial designer, allowing the designer the opportunity to experiment with more adventurous works, allowing different creative practices to coexist. Bressolles graduated from Saint- Paul-Les-Dax with a degree in Technical Arts in 2014 and a Masters in Applied Art from LISAA School of Art & Design. Since then, he has gone on to a variety of roles, including working as a designer and manufacturing assistant for OrtaMiklos, DAMALIA, and Lab Place.

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    Plaster, Wood

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    33.0 x 48.0 x 38.0 cm (13.0 x 18.9 x 15.0 in)

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    New York,NY

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