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Chen Furong & Vega Zaishi Wang

Atelier V&F

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Chaise Lounge from Weight of Shadow Weight of Shadow Year / 2020 The weightiness and the fine curves of the blocks that are characteristic of this collection shows the designer Chen furong’s admiration and appreciation of weight and volume,light and shadow. The clean-cut silhouettes of the long chair,the screen cabinet and the side tables appear in an organic whole with the space itself in a short glance. The architectural language of H- shaped structures, the cutouts and the rounded angles helps to make it an extension of the space itself, giving it a calming quality. Under light,the clean-cut edges are blurred by the touch of shadow,creating a lively visual effect and a quiet atmosphere. The artisticness of the collections is reminiscent of the geometric models in a painting for sculpture studio,and giving it an aesthetic and spiritual oneness.

Chen Furong & Vega Zaishi Wang


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    70.0 x 67646.6 x 195.8 cm (27.6 x 26632.5 x 77.1 in)

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