Astrid Krogh - Astrid Krogh. Planet (150 x 150 x 25 cm. Limited edition of 8 unique pieces) - Galerie Maria Wettergren - Design Miami/ The global forum for collectible design
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Astrid Krogh

Astrid Krogh. Planet (150 x 150 x 25 cm. Limited edition of 8 unique pieces)

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Previously exhibited at Basel 2022.

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Through her light sculpture, ‘Planet’ (2021), made of gold leaf, silver, platinum, aluminium and optic fibers, Astrid Krogh creates a feeling of enchantment and marvel, inspired by the cosmos. With its sweeping flux of moving light, the work seems to breath and pulsate with a life of its own. The countless cosmic phenomena that shape our Universe offer an extraordinary source of inspiration for this pioneering Danish artist, and over the past few years, she has been corresponding with the American astrophysicist, Dr. Margaret Geller from the Centre for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Universe is flooded with patterns, from the smallest particles to intergalactic structures, infinite in numbers and in constant change, chaotic and organized at one and the same time, and Krogh, who has always been fascinated by the force of patterns, approaches these empirically but tenderly, using light as her main source, both natural daylight and artificial light, which she organizes in different patterns, mixing random and order. By exploring a large specter of materials and techniques, Krogh thrives to reveal, in an almost alchemist way, the deep poetic feeling and grace of the Universe through the metamorphosis of these materials.

Materials: Gold leaf, silver, platinum, aluminium, optic fibers, light monitors.

Astrid Krogh


“Arne Jacobsen once said that light gives all things their presence, highlighting the important role it plays in bringing surfaces to life” – Bradley Quinn

Astrid Krogh, a classically trained designer has taken Jacobson’s observation further by integrating light into her work rather than using it for effect.

"I use light both as a material and a technology, the presence of light is an essential component of my work as light enables my textiles to pulsate, change patterns and create an entire spectrum of ever changing colour ways"

“My reference point is often Gobelin tapestries or ancient kelim carpets, from a distance their colour ways appear to be distinct, but a closer examination reveals how the boundaries between them contain entire spectrums of colour”

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    Aluminum, Gold, Silver

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    160.0 x 25.0 x 160.0 cm (63.0 x 9.8 x 63.0 in)

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