Astrid Krogh - Astrid Krogh, My Golden Horizon, 2020. (100 x 140 x 5 cm. Unique piece) - Galerie Maria Wettergren - Design Miami/ The global forum for collectible design
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Astrid Krogh

Astrid Krogh, My Golden Horizon, 2020. (100 x 140 x 5 cm. Unique piece)



“A brighter horizon dawns in Astrid Krogh’s spectacular artwork, ‘My Golden Horizon’, a dazzling display of light and reflection inspired by the power and transcendence of the sun. Forces of nature have always been a source of inspiration for Krogh, who typically uses color, reflection and material to recreate the light she observes in the world around her.

Fascinated by the luminescence of gold and its enduring ability to represent light throughout history, Krogh noticed how the material emanates the colors of the sun itself. Inspired to capture a striking sunset she viewed at the water’s edge, Krogh transferred thin sheets of beaten gold onto paper, carefully forming pleats and folds that capture and reflect ambient light. Humans have long held the belief that all life comes from the sun, gazing in awe as streaks of red, yellow and orange paint the sky when it rises and sets. These flashes of color appear to be tinted with gold, separating the horizon from the earth by fiery bands of gleaming light. Reflected over water, the golden strata created by the setting sun are mirrored in layers of ephemeral color that sparkle underneath the sky.”

Astrid Krogh


“Arne Jacobsen once said that light gives all things their presence, highlighting the important role it plays in bringing surfaces to life” – Bradley Quinn

Astrid Krogh, a classically trained designer has taken Jacobson’s observation further by integrating light into her work rather than using it for effect.

"I use light both as a material and a technology, the presence of light is an essential component of my work as light enables my textiles to pulsate, change patterns and create an entire spectrum of ever changing colour ways"

“My reference point is often Gobelin tapestries or ancient kelim carpets, from a distance their colour ways appear to be distinct, but a closer examination reveals how the boundaries between them contain entire spectrums of colour”

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    Gold, Paper

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    130.0 x 30.0 x 170.0 cm (51.2 x 11.8 x 66.9 in)

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