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Tellurico’s Aesthetics Follows Process chaise lounge chair was inspired by the role of the chair as both a conversation piece, as well as a source of comfort. Originally casted from a wood mold created from an Abachi Tree, the ghosts of the cast iron chair breathes just beneath its surface, as the cast iron keeps elements of the knots and veins of the wood. Another aspect of the chair’s creation, the collaborative one via Zoom call with fabricators across continents, finds its way into the chair as a final imprint of the many conversations it took to produce a chair of its caliber within the global pandemic.



After graduating with the Master of Contextual Design at Design Academy of Eindhoven, in

2017 Francesco Pace founded Tellurico, a multidisciplinary design studio specialised in

objects, spaces and installations design. The investigation of alternative solutions through the study of folklore, together with the relationship between crafts and the environment has been the centre of Tellurico’s practice. The context in which a project is born has been the primary focus of these years' research. What binds the objects of a place to the characteristic of the place itself intertwines the
 historical, geological and social aspects of humankind, as well as the uniqueness and

simplicity of everyday life. It is an always expanding field of investigation, as endless are the

ways to live. So far, Tellurico’s works have been presented in many international venues such as Biennale
 of Architecture in Venice, Van AbbeMuseum in Eindhoven, M.A.D.RE. in Naples, Triennale di

Milano, Bröhan Museum in Berlin, Beirut Design Fair, Italian Pavilion in Barcelona, Zoya

Gallery in Bratislava and others. He works closely with private clients and received

commissions from different galleries such as Side-Gallery in Barcelona, Mint London, Camp

Design Gallery and Functional Art Gallery in Madrid. In 2020 Tellurico has been nominated by Platform Magazine among the Best Italian Designers of 2020. Tellurico lives and works in the Netherlands.

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    Cast Iron

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    73.7 x 106.7 x 121.9 cm (29.0 x 42.0 x 48.0 in)

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