Wexler Gallery

  • New York

    200 Lexington Avenue
    New York, NY 10016
  • Philadelphia

    201 N 3rd Street
    Philadelphia, PA 19106


Challenging traditional labels, Wexler Gallery exhibits collectible design and artwork that coexists in multiple disciplines and traditions. Questioning and testing the boundaries of craft, design, and fine art, Wexler Gallery aims to present work that consistently celebrates formal innovation and conceptual content as much as aesthetic beauty. Wexler Gallery opened in 2000 in the historic district of Old City, Philadelphia and expanded its presence to New York City in 2018. Since its inception, the gallery has proudly showcased extraordinary work by both established artists and the emerging talent of today.


Contemporary fine art and design

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  • Feyza Kemahlioglu
  • Mami Kato
  • Gregory Nangle
  • Reynold Rodriguez
  • Patrick Weder
  • Edward McHugh
  • Andreea Avram Rusu
  • Judy Kensley McKie
  • Trish DeMasi