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Twentieth Gallery

  • Los Angeles

    Gallery by appointment
    Los Angeles, California


Twentieth specializes in merging the best of international contemporary design with groundbreaking avant-garde talent, creating an environment that blends design and art into an innovative aesthetic vision. Twentieth Exhibitions is the current evolution of Twentieth’s gallery platform that began in 2016 as The New. The program of rotating exhibitions emphasizes work that crosses disciplinary boundaries between art and design. Each exhibition features unique and limited edition works that are on view at the gallery as well as various other locations, both real and virtual. Based in Los Angeles and housed in its landmark Neil Denari-designed building, Twentieth has been a leader in curating the evolution of contemporary design since 1999.


Contemporary collectible design

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  • John Eric Byers
  • Lara Bohinc
  • Vincent Pocsik
  • Henzel Studio
  • Sébastien Léon
  • Tom Price
  • Julian Mayor
  • Matt Gagnon
  • Christopher Boots
  • Videre Licet
  • Ara Thorose
  • Mattia Biagi
  • Erick Ifergan
  • Daniele Albright
  • Christopher Kreiling
  • Sami Hayek
  • Scott Daniel