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Erik Thomsen Gallery is one of America’s top leading dealers in Japanese art and design, with an impeccable professional record and an outstanding reputation for the quality of its exhibitions and the elegance and scholarly depth of its publications. Specializing in antique and modern folding screens, paintings, lacquer, bamboo, and ceramics, Erik Thomsen has been dealing since 1984 and has maintained a public gallery in New York since his move to the city in 2006. A fluent speaker of Japanese, Thomsen serves as a cultural bridge between Japan and the West, regularly placing important works into American and European museums and private collections.


Japanese art

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  • Sueharu Fukami
  • Kyoko Ibe
  • Yuichi Inoue
  • Shigeki Kitani
  • Shiryū Morita
  • Tomohiro Muda
  • Yoshio Okada


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