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  • New York

    75 East Broadway
    New York, NY 10002


Superhouse is a New York-based gallery with a focus on art furniture and design, presenting both contemporary and historical works. Founded and directed by Stephen Markos, the gallery’s programming is rooted in a deep understanding of design history and exhibits functional art of the highest caliber. The gallery is committed to supporting emerging and leading artists and designers who, through their craft, introduce fresh ideas to visual culture and challenge the status quo. In 2021, Superhouse opened Superhouse Vitrine, its 10x10-foot gallery in Manhattan’s Chinatown. The space is located on the second floor of a hidden-gem mini-mall at 75 East Broadway, situated among cutting-edge art galleries and fashion boutiques. The “vitrine” concept is emphasized by the gallery’s glass walls, which permit visitors to view exhibitions even outside of open hours. In May 2022, Superhouse expanded its footprint at 75 East Broadway, doubling the gallery’s total exhibition space.


Contemporary and historical art, furniture and design

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  • Ryan Decker
  • Elizabeth Browning Jackson
  • Sean Gerstley
  • Kim Mupangilai
  • Ellen Pong