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Sarah Myerscough Gallery

  • London

    The Old Boathouse
    1 White Hart Lane
    London, SW13 0PX

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  • Sarah Myerscough Gallery

    Peter Marigold, Tadanori Tozawa

    Maki Console
  • Christopher Kurtz

    Drinks Cabinet
  • Mette Bentzen, known collectively, Egeværk, Lasse Kristensen

    ICE Shape 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 as installation
  • Mette Bentzen, Lasse Kristensen, known collectively, Egeværk

    ICE Shape no 22
  • Egeværk, Mette Bentzen, Lasse Kristensen, known collectively

    ICE Shape no 17 Shelf
  • Mette Bentzen, Lasse Kristensen, known collectively, Egeværk

    ICE Shape no 21
  • Angela Damman



Sarah Myerscough Gallery represents highly-skilled international artist-designer-makers, whose practices are grounded in craft-making traditions but defined by contemporary innovation and invention. Through diverse making processes, they collectively embrace the complex intersections between history and future; hand and technology; form and function. By curating a specialist programme of exhibitions, the gallery aims to support this movement within the arts, which advocates the importance of retaining elements of the past, to mould a vision of the future.


Contemporary craft and design

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  • Design Miami/ 2022 – Sarah Myerscough Gallery


  • Marc Fish
  • Gareth Neal
  • Mami Kato
  • Aneta Regel
  • Marcin Rusak
  • Adam Buick
  • Maisie Broadhead
  • Helen Carnac
  • Egeværk
  • Luke Fuller
  • Ernst Gamperl
  • David Gates
  • Marlène Huissoud
  • Christopher Kurtz
  • Eleanor Lakelin
  • John Makepeace OBE
  • Peter Marigold
  • Kate MccGwire
  • Michael Peterson
  • Marc Ricourt
  • Wycliffe Sturchbury
  • Adi Toch
  • Nic Webb
  • Diane Scherer
  • Fernando Laposse
  • Lin Fanglu
  • Arko
  • Angela Damman


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