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Pierre Marie Giraud

  • Brussels

    7 rue de Praetere
    Brussels, 1050

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  • Pierre Marie Giraud

    Ritsue Mishima



Specializing in contemporary decorative arts, Pierre Marie Giraud showcases international artists, craftsmen, and designers, with a focus on ceramics, glass, and Japanese crafts. Since 2005 the gallery has run a finetuned program supporting emerging and established artists, and collaborates with designers to produce unique objects and limited editions. Giraud’s selection exemplifies the implementation of refined materials, techniques, and knowhow in exclusive artworks. Throughout the year, Pierre Marie Giraud hosts a program of solo and thematic exhibitions in his Brussels space, participates in international fairs, produces monographic publications, and frequently collaborates with museums and institutions for his expertise in ceramics.


Contemporary decorative arts and design

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  • Ron Nagle
  • Barbara Nanning
  • Magdalene Odundo
  • Yoichi Ohira
  • Rick Owens
  • Nadia Pasquer
  • Sterling Ruby
  • Takayuki Sakiyama
  • Bente Skjöttgaard
  • Chikuunsai IV Tanabe
  • Michaël Verheyden
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