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  • Brooklyn

    55 Ferris Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11231


Pelle was founded by partners Jean and Oliver Pelle. Their studio practice integrates artistic exploration with architectural integrity to offer an original collection of hand-produced, professionally refined lighting, furniture, and objects. Located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the Pelle studio currently comprises a lighting fabrication studio, research and prototyping studio, and a dedicated gallery to display finished pieces. The intimate studio space is structured to support creative experimentation and active making, continually evolving in pursuit of new materials, methods, and ideas.


Lighting & Furniture

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  • Design Miami/ 2021 – PELLE


  • Jean Pelle
  • Oliver Pelle



    Jean and Oliver Pelle

    Be Patient Floor Lamp
  • Jean and Oliver Pelle

    Be Patient' Wall Lamp
  • Jean and Oliver Pelle

    Lure Eden Mirror Post
  • Jean and Oliver Pelle

    Nana Lure Chandelier
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