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  • Paris

    11 rue Leopold Bellan
    Paris, 75002


Mouvements Modernes was created in 2002 by Pierre Staudenmeyer, co-founder in 1984 of Néotù. He was the first theorist of the design of the 80's and 90's. Sophie Mainier-Jullerot, his collaborator and current owner, tends to pursue what Staudenmeyer had started. The gallery works in the sphere of the one-off piece, and limited editions by designers, ceramists and glassmaker who are iconic in their field and expert of their material and technique. The gallery offers also pieces created in the 80’s/90’s, that comes from the Neotu’s fund, and have left a mark in design history and are iconic works.


80’s and 90’s design, Néotù furniture, contemporary design , contemporary ceramic and glass

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  • Design Miami/ Basel 2022 – MOUVEMENTS MODERNES


  • Martin Szekely
  • Turi Heisselberg Pedersen
  • Bae Sejin
  • Matthew Chambers
  • Morgane Tschiember
  • Tim Leclabart
  • Elizabeth Garouste & Mattia Bonetti
  • Nadège Desgenétez
  • Daniela Busarello
  • Constance Guisset
  • Fabien Petiot
  • Thomas Lemut
  • Armelle Benoit
  • Eva Hild
  • Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert
  • Mathias Kiss
  • Becheau Bourgeois
  • Dan Friedman
  • Paul Mathieu
  • Borek Sipek
  • Pucci de Rossi
  • Yoshiaki Kojiro