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Moderne Gallery

  • Philadelphia

    2220 East Allegheny Avenue
    Philadelphia, PA 19134

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    George Nakashima

    Unique Print/Music Stand
  • George Nakashima

    Slab I Coffee Table
  • George Nakashima



Moderne Gallery has been internationally renowned for its high quality, vintage 20th Century furniture, lighting, and accessories since 1984. 16,000 sq. ft. are filled with an extensive inventory — from French and American designs from the 1920s-1980s to exclusive George Nakashima and Wharton Esherick pieces. In 1985 Moderne Gallery was the first gallery to promote the work of George Nakashima and still has the finest and largest selection of his designs. Responding to requests from collectors of studio crafts, Moderne Gallery extended its inventory to include vintage work by Sam Maloof, David Ebner, Peter Voulkos, Toshiko Takaezu, Edward Moulthrop, William Hunter, and many others. Moderne Gallery is unique in its specialization in vintage work from the American Studio Craft Movement.


Twentieth-century decorative arts with a focus on the American studio craft movement

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  • Wendell Castle
  • George Nakashima
  • Wharton Esherick
  • Sam Maloof
  • Arthur Espenet Carpenter
  • David Ebner
  • John Eric Byers
  • Miriam Carpenter
  • Harry Bertoia
  • Peter Voulkos
  • Toshiko Takaezu
  • William Hunter
  • Ryo Toyonaga
  • L.Brene Kington
  • Makoto Yabe
  • John Lutz
  • Paul Hultnberg
  • Judy Kensley McKie
  • Edward Moulthrop
  • Bob Stocksdale
  • Neil Tetkowski
  • Estelle Halper
  • Ira Winarsky
  • Riyoo Kim
  • Daniel Jackson
  • Jere Osgood
  • William Keyser


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