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Mercado Moderno

  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rua do Lavradio, 66
    Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20230-070
    +55 21 2508-6083


One of the foremost Design galleries in Brazil, Mercado Moderno has been a key player in the recent global newfound appreciation for modern Brazilian furniture. After two decades of ostracism, there came a historical revisiting of the work produced between 1940 and 1970, coinciding with the gallery’s 2001 foundation. Since then, the enterprise called for arduous investigative work, still the daily routine for its founders, Alberto Vicente and Marcelo Vasconcellos, consolidated as renowned specialists on this subject, by being responsible for recording and disseminating their knowledge, through the organization and support of key exhibitions and publications on the topic.


Midcentury and Contemporary Brazilian design

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  • Design Miami/ Basel 2021 – Mercado Moderno

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  • Joaquim Tenreiro
  • Lina Bo Bardi
  • José Zanine Caldas
  • Sergio Rodrigues
  • Jorge Zalszupin
  • Geraldo de Barros
  • Abraham Palatnik
  • Jean Gillon
  • Oscar Niemeyer
  • Carlo Hauner
  • Martin Eisler
  • Alê Jordão
  • Rodrigo Simão
  • Gustavo Bittencourt
  • Hugo França
  • Ines Schertel
  • Guto Índio da Costa
  • Mameluca Studio
  • Rodrigo Ohtake


  • Mercado Moderno

    Rodrigo Simão

    "Feijão" chair in corten steel
  • José Zanine Caldas 

    Stool II
  • Jorge Zalszupin

    Pair of Model 720 Armchairs : SOLD
  • Liceu de Artes e Ofícios

  • Zanini de Zanine

    Stool I
  • Joaquim Tenreiro

    Shelf II
  • Joaquim Tenreiro

    Shelf I
  • Abraham Palatnik

    Cabinet I
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