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    54 East 11th Street
    New York, NY 10003

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  • Magen H Gallery

    Serge Mouille & Isamu Noguchi

    desk lamp black tubular
  • Studio Giancarlo Valle

    Pair of Cage armchairs
  • Pierre and Vera Székely

    Ceramic coffee table
  • René Buthaud



Since 1997, Magen H Gallery has pioneered revolutionary and significant design in sculpture, decorative arts, architecture, and ceramics.

With special emphasis given to French post-war designers, the collection progresses the artistic dialogue between these historically significant works and contemporaries who visually articulate a personal philosophy. These pieces reveal the compelling tension between the organic spirit of the material and the artists' mastery over the medium. From its inception, the collection of works has been built on the founding premise that art and design are allied and interdependent.

Exhibiting works in craft mediums (clay, metal, wood, silicon and aluminum), the gallery seeks objects that transcend form and function. By synthesizing modern and mid-century designers, Magen H Gallery continues to redefine the decorative arts market with innovative and significant design.


French post-war design

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  • Jean Prouvé
  • Charlotte Perriand
  • Pierre Jeanneret
  • Le Corbusier
  • Pierre Chapo
  • Pierre Sabatier
  • La Borne
  • Art & Industrie
  • Marolles
  • Hervé Baley
  • Dominique Zimbacca
  • Alain Douillard
  • Henri Bataille
  • Boris Anastassievitch


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