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John Keith Russell

  • South Salem

    110 Spring Street
    PO Box 414
    South Salem, NY 10590

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  • John Keith Russell

    John Keith Russell

    Shaker Oval Storage Box used by Eldress Abigail Crossman
  • John Keith Russell

    Shaker Tiger Maple #6 Armchair


Since 1979, John Keith Russell has specialized in the material culture of the Shakers — objects synonymous with beautiful and utilitarian American craft and design. This minimalist style is the product of a radical religious movement that, today, continues to be the longest-standing utopian experiment in American history. Drawn to the innovative design concepts of largely anonymous individuals, Russell has spent the last four decades promoting this unique and timeless material at his gallery in South Salem, New York, placing some of the finest pieces in significant collections and institutions worldwide.


Authentic historic Shaker material and other objects of fine design

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