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    Sandra Davolio

    Coral Flower


Founded in 2006, J. Lohmann Gallery, New York, specializes in contemporary decorative arts by internationally established designers and emerging talents. The gallery plays an instrumental role in nourishing the relationship between design, decorative arts, and sculpture, and its success is due to its unique roster of ceramic and glass designers, all of whom are celebrated for their groundbreaking use of innovative techniques.


Contemporary ceramic and glass design

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  • Design Miami/ 2021 – J. Lohmann Gallery

  • Design Miami/ 2018 – J. Lohmann Gallery presents Breaking the Mold: Contemporary Korean Ceramics


  • Barbara Nanning
  • Ahryun Lee
  • Erna Aaltonen
  • Heike Brachlow
  • Sandra Davolio
  • Fenella Elms
  • Corinna Friedrich
  • Turi Heisselberg Pedersen
  • Kaori Kurihara
  • Jongjin Park
  • Merete Rasmussen
  • Bae Sejin
  • Olivia Walker


  • Artistic Stratum V
  • Olivia Walker

    Collapsed Vessel
  • Lone Skov Madsen

    Cactus Sculpture
  • Sandra Davolio

    Pink Coral
  • Toni Losey

  • Toni Losey

  • Ahryun Lee

  • Ahryun Lee

    Blue Jelly
  • Ahryun Lee

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