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Founded in Turin in 1966 and now part of Sandra and Charley Vezza’s Italian Radical Design group, Gufram was originally born as an artisanal entity and is now globally known for pushing the limits of industrial design. With its Radical Design spirit and its nonconformist experimentation linked to aesthetics, and technological and material research, over the years Gufram has created playful, subversive and desecrating pieces. Design icons that have become unique in form and value because of the cross-contamination between industrial design, artisanal creation, and imaginative flair, typical of art.

The brand’s research commitment has driven the company to master the treatment of flexible polyurethane and to the development of Guflac®, a special finish patented by Gufram to have more uniform, cohesive and elastic surfaces through accurate and meticulous craftsmanship processes. Gufram’s unmistakable furniture items, such as the BOCCA® lips sofa, the PRATONE® chaise lounge and the CACTUS® hall tree, also known as domestic sculptures, represent an interpretation of the contact point between art and design, and are now displayed in some of the most beautiful houses and most renown museums worldwide.


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