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  • Madrid

    Serrano Anguita 7
    Madrid, 28004


GARRIDO is proud to be recognised as one of the leading names in silversmithing. Founded by Damian Garrido in Madrid in 1955, GARRIDO has earned its reputation for the masterful craftsmanship of precious metals and its eminent sense of modern simplicity and elegance. Building upon its tradition of fine decorate silverwork, GARRIDO offers pieces fashioned in cutting-edge contemporary design developed by our critically acclaimed artists. Dedicated to cultivating the art of silversmithing through creating Collectible Design, GARRIDO projects its vision onto the international art market honing the age-old methods of metalworking passed on from generation to generation.

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  • Design Miami/ Basel 2022 – GARRIDO


  • Juan Garrido
  • Paloma Garrido