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Gallery FUMI

  • London

    2-3 Hay Hill, Mayfair
    London, W1J 6AS


Gallery FUMI promotes a unique vision: a distinctive aesthetic based on a curiosity about materials, and fosters attitudes toward object-making which are gestural and playful. Combining the beautiful with the teasingly provocative and recognising the sheer power of objects to communicate ideas.

FUMI embraces change and the new while promoting the value of craftsmanship. Objects are usually handmade, using traditional techniques: carving, glassblowing, cabinetry, lacquering, meticulous hand assemblage, but also: disassembly, burning, and digital technologies. There is an emphasis on the tactile, visual, and emotional as well as the practical value of craft.


Materials and craftsmanship

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  • Design Miami/ 2022 – Gallery FUMI


  • Max Lamb
  • Francesco Perini
  • Rowan Mersh
  • Sam Orlando Miller
  • Jie Wu
  • Saelia Aparicio
  • Study O Portable
  • Voukenas Petrides
  • Glithero
  • Leora Honeyman
  • Kustaa Saksi
  • Tuomas Markunpoika
  • Lukas Wegwerth
  • Jochen Holz
  • Allan Collins


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