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By utilizing fabrication resources across the world, Gallery All provides unique research and production capabilities to its represented artists, which enables them to master progressive manufacturing practices, facilitate expert craftsmanship, and discover new production perspectives. As one of the first design galleries originated in China, Gallery All is committed to lead the way of Asia’s rapidly-escalating art and design market and develop into Asia’s premier resource for design. Through passion, research, and fabrication, Gallery All continues to exhibit the most cutting-edge and experimental design collection that blurs the line between Fine Art and Design, the traditional and contemporary, within both the Eastern and Western realms.


Contemporary design by distinguished and internationally rising designers

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  • Anotherview
  • Aranda\Lasch
  • Chi-Hua Lin
  • Chulan Kwak
  • Daishi Luo
  • Danjie Yan
  • Guanzhong Wu
  • Haoyu Wu
  • Henny van Nistelrooy
  • Hua Wang
  • Humans since 1982
  • Janne Kyttanen
  • Lei Yan
  • Marc Fornes
  • Mark Sturkenboom
  • Michael Young
  • Oskar Zieta
  • Po Shun Leong
  • Saerom Yoon
  • Shao Fan
  • Studio Buzao
  • Todomuta Studio
  • Trent Jansen
  • Yansong Ma
  • Zhenhan Hao
  • Zhipeng Tan
  • Zhoujie Zhang


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