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Galerie Negropontes

  • Paris

    14-16 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau
    Paris, 75001
    +33 1 42 71 20 46


With a desire to perpetuate the tradition of the French decorative arts, and reinventing them, Negropontes Galerie presents unique or limited edition of art furniture design by artists or designers and involving art manufactures. The gallery is seeking the alchemy between contrasted materials, fascination for the details and above all the synergy of the artists with whom it collaborates. The artists’ works contribute to an aesthetic narrative, where coherence is found on the ongoing search for excellence, beauty and novelty.


Unique or limited edition furniture design and French decorative arts

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  • Design Miami/ 2022 – Galerie Negropontes

  • Design Miami/ Basel 2022 – Galerie Negropontes


  • Gianluca Pacchioni
  • Erwan Boullud
  • Eric De Dormael
  • Hervé Langlais
  • Jean-Christophe Malaval
  • Etienne Moyat
  • Perrin & Perrin
  • Maison Pinton
  • Benjamin Poulanges
  • Dan Er. Grigorescu
  • Ulrika Liljedhal