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FAINA Gallery

  • Antwerp

    Keizerstraat 28
    Antwerp, 2000


FAINA Gallery in Antwerp, Belgium represents live Ukrainian design. Founded by a Ukrainian-born architect Victoria Yakusha, the space immerses one into ‘live design’ — a philosophy rooted in passing on history by reviving ancient symbols and traditional Ukrainian crafts in collections of contemporary design pieces, endowing objects with an animistic presence, and working with live, natural materials. FAINA Gallery displays furniture, lighting, and decor by FAINA as well as unique limited-edition designs by Victoria Yakusha. Aligning with cycles of nature, the gallery presents bi-annual Winter and Summer Solstice reveals of new designs.


Contemporary Ukrainian design

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  • Design Miami/ Basel 2022 – FAINA Gallery


  • Victoria Yakusha


  • FAINA Gallery

    Victoria Yakusha

    Duzhyi-Duzhyi Stool
  • Victoria Yakusha

    Duzhyi Stool, big
  • Victoria Yakusha

    Duzhyi Stool, medium
  • Victoria Yakusha

    Duzhyi Stool, small
  • Victoria Yakusha

    Volyk II
  • Victoria Yakusha

    Volyk I
  • Victoria Yakusha

    Zemlia Tapestry
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