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Etage Projects

  • Copenhagen

    Borgergade 15E
    Copenhagen, 1300


Etage Projects is a Copenhagen-based art and design gallery specializing in a cross-aesthetic method. Actively questioning and pushing the lines between art and design, abstraction and function, Etage Projects works with creatives who form their praxis in between established notions of contemporary art and design, thereby seeking to extend and to enrich the field of interdisciplinary and collective culture.


Art and design gallery specializing in cross-disciplinary methods

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  • Design Miami/ Basel 2021 – Etage Projects

  • Design Miami/ 2018 – Etage Projects


  • Sabine Marcelis
  • Guillermo Santomá
  • Karl Monies
  • bahrainidanish
  • Soft Baroque
  • Fredrik Paulsen
  • Kueng Caputo
  • Superpoly